Vivid Glitter Cream - Gleam Christmas Miracle - Stack of 5 (10g)

Manufacturer: Vivid Glitter
SKU: Gleam10-Christmas-Stack

GLEAM Glitter Cream is great for hair and body to add a touch of eye-catching bling to your holiday designs! The Christmas Miracle stack contains the following colors: Cardinal Red, Evergreen, Treasure, and Angelic Ice. These combos looks amazing on top of candy canes, Christmas trees and holly, angel eye masks, snowmen, ice queens, reindeer and so much more! You can use these colors year round for other holidays like Cinco de Mayo, or on top of regular face and body art designs. Evergreen looks killer on snakes, dragons and leaves. Cardinal Red looks perfect in hearts, roses, and patriotic designs. The best part is that GLEAM will not dry out like typical water based glitter gels do.

VIVID Glitter is a cosmetic grade polyester based product that is made in the USA! This glitter is NOT recommended for use around the immediate eye area to prevent large glitter particles from entering the eye. Take extra caution applying to young children who may touch their designs and move glitter too close to their eyes.

Polyester Glitter in varied shapes and size. Glitter Creme Contains: Polyethylene Terephthatlate, Polyurethane-33, Colorant, triglyceride, coconut oil, octyldodecanol, ozokerite wax (paraffin wax), polyisobutene, castor oil, microcrystalline wax, synthetic wax, dl alpha tocopherol. May contain Polymethyl Methacrylate, Aluminum, Polylactic Acid.

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