Tattoo Pro Stencil Font - Old English (ATPSF205)

Manufacturer: Wiser Body Graffiti

This Special Edition Stencil Kit contains an Upper and Lower case Old English font! It is the perfect stencil kit for people looking to have custom witting or script on their body. Clients will love the fact that you will be able to offer them the ability to write their special quote on their body.

Pro Stencil kit contains both positive and negative design shapes that are used to create Black&Grey or color tattoos. Mix and match design elements fromthis and other design sheets to create endless possibilities of tattoo designs from small sized to full sleeves!

Each Tattoo Pro design sheet comes with an 8" x 10" durable 7.5ml solvent-proof mylar desheet with positive and neagative shapes and packaging that can be used as a folder for your stencil pieces or as a DIY custom tattoo design display poster.

Also included is an additional 8.5 "x 11" pre-printed design display poster featuring designs created with this kit.

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