Superstar Matteo Arfanotti #3 (Filbert Body Brush)

Manufacturer: Superstar
SKU: 96038

The Superstar Synthetic Body Brush is a high quality brush made with care according to craftsmanship in Europe. The Body Brush is specially designed to apply paint to larger surfaces with a nice consistent strokes for body painting. With the soft rounded edges, the Body Brushes are ideal for blending. The Superstar Body Brush retains its shape, the bristles are strong, flexible and they ensure the paint glides over the skin. Clean with Superstar Brush Soap.

  • Length brush: 188 mm / 7.4 inch
  • Width of the brush body: 24.1 mm / 0.95 inch
  • Visible hair length: 27 mm / 1.06 inch

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