Star Wars Baby Yoda AirWalker Balloon Buddies (31"X 31'')

Manufacturer: Anagram
SKU: 42242-01

Star Wars Baby Yoda - Air Walker Balloon

Bring your Star Wars party to life with this awesome 31" The Child Baby Yoda AirWalker foil balloon! This life-size balloon seems to "walk" with you as you pull the attached string filled with helium, thanks to weights at the bottom. The balloon can be inflated with helium to float or with a balloon air inflator.

  • Size: 31 inches
  • Simple assembly required
  • Balloon arrives uninflated. To fill with helium use a personal helium tank. Please DO NOT release your helium balloons in air.
  • No helium? No worries! Just air-fill it with a balloon pump or a straw.
  • Please note that it will not walk on air if inflated with air. Performs better if filled with helium gas.
  • Includes weights and instructions
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