Sparkling Faces - The Ultimate Face Painting Guide - Basic Strokes by Milena Potekhina

Manufacturer: Sparkling Faces
Easy to follow basic strokes designs

The Ultimate Face Painting Guide - Basic Strokes by Milena Potekhina

Easy to follow basic strokes designs brought to you by Milena Potekhina!

20 high qaulity paper sheets with amazing basic strokes

10 video tutorials

1 clear practice board

Brushes Used (not included) :

Liner Nr 1, Nr 4

Round Nr 0, Nr 1, Nr 3, Nr 4

Angle Nr 10 (3/8), Nr 12 (1/2)

Size: A4 (8.27 x 11.69 inch)

Simply select which strokes you would like to master, place our clear practice board over top, and paint! As you follow Milena’s incredible designs and flow, your muscle-memory will begin to kick in. Take photographs of your completed work, and create one-of-a-kind menus which can be displayed online, or in print.

The surface of all Sparkling Faces boards is designed with a unique relief texture, so that your brush will glide across the surface easily with the gentlest of friction. No frustrating slipping to be had! For best results paint on the textured side of the board.

Your new practice board can be very easily cleaned with liquid soap and water. More stubborn stains can be removed by very gently rubbing them with a magic eraser and some sunflower oil. Make sure to wash your board with liquid soap before using it for the very first time to help break it in.

This brand new product has been carefully tested, and has achieved excellent results! We are proud to offer this face painting guide to you, and we know that it will be an incredible investment to your face painting business.

Made in Switzerland

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