Silly Farm - Paty de Leon's Collection - " H Town " Arty Brush Cake - 30g

Manufacturer: Silly Farm

Silly Farm - Paty de Leon's Collection - " H - Town " Arty Brush Cake

H - Town created by amazing face painter Paty de Leon Collection. This beautiful cake is named after her home town of Houston. This bold combo of blues, teals, purples and berry wine is perfect for painting flowers, butterflies, birds, crowns, fairy wings and so much more! H Town has a lot of shimmer and punch and will stand out on any skin tone. 

Arty Brush and Rainbow Cakes are the #1 product in Face and Body Painting. The Arty Brush Cakes are miniature rainbow cakes that are used with a flat brush or sponge to create amazingly blended designs with one stroke. Arty Brush color combinations are designed to highlight and low light all with one container. Silly Farm exclusive Arty Brush Cakes are available in over 30 color combinations for every theme, holiday and design capability.

To Use: Arty Brush cakes are best used with a #12 flat brush, a ¾ flat brush, or a 1 inch flat brush for maximum coverage. Dip your brush in water and blot extra water from brush on a dry paper towel, next rub your brush back and forth across the surface of the Arty cake. Make sure to load your brush equally on both sides of the bristles. If you are using a sponge you can either dip it in water and squeeze all excess water or you can use a spray bottle to wet your sponge. Make sure you are not using too much water or it will cause colors to blend and bleed into one another.

To Remove: Use soap and water or a baby wipe.

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