NEW Art Factory Rainbow Insert for Snap Case (9.5"x12" for custom made cake)

Manufacturer: Art Factory
Plastic insert for custom made split cakes

NEW Art Factory Rainbow Insert for Snap Case (9.5"x12")

We worked with a local US factory to create custom inserts for the most loved laptop case.
The inserts are made out of thick plastic that can hold many repotted* colors!
The inserts used in this case are currently made exclusively for the Art Factory.
the plastic is smooth without any texture and can be easily cleaned with a baby wipe or paper towel.

*Please note, the paints will need to be repotted into the insert in order to fit. A chart sheet is included so you can write down and keep track of the manufacturer, color name, etc of each color in your insert.

The insert measures 12" x9.5" x 1/2"
This insert has 12 compartments that can hold a Rainbow Cake sized (50 gr paint) and 16 compartments that hold (30 gr) a one stroke size container.

*This insert fits in the Black Empty Snap Case. It does not fit in the wooden case with the metal latch. Will not fit any of the manufacture split cakes

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