Kryolan Ice Effect Kit

Manufacturer: Kryolan
SKU: 4640
Multi purpose effects make up kit for snow and ice looks.

Kryolan Ice Effect Kit

DISCLAIMER: Kryolan products can be shipped within the Canada only. If you order this Internationally, it will be removed from your order.

Versatile effect make-up set for all snow and frost effects. Suitable for stage, show, film and photo shoots, including 4K/8K technology.

The components included in the kit are Ice Crystals small & large, Snow, and the Gel GF-QAT N Soft that enable the user to achieve countless effects. Snow and Ice Crystals in small & large can be reliably fixed with the gel, for extra durability we recommend the use of Silicone Adhesive NEO (not included).

GF-QAT N (200 ml): Gel for use an adhesive and base for all other components in the set. To prodice clear ice effect, visual frozen surfaces and to use in hair.

Snow Effect (10g): Lightweight, realistically iridescent artificial powder snow. Use loose for clearly visible hoarfrost and new snow. For reflecting particles combine with liquid GF-QAT N. Increase amount of Snow Effect to create opaque ice, damp snow, wet snow and snow crust.

Ice Crystals Small (100g)/Ice Crystals Large (100g): use as individual pieces of ice or mix with the other components.

Made in Germany

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