KingArt 9930 Original Gold Taklon Brush - Oval Floral Petal #6

Manufacturer: King Art
SKU: 9930-6

KingArt 9930 Original Gold Taklon Brush - Oval Floral Petal #6

KingArt® was designed by the same family behind the Loew-Cornell® brushes

The Original Gold® Oval Floral Petal brush by KINGART® has a pointed tip which makes it perfect for making large flower petals, teardrops and leaves. Take your painting to the next level.  Specifically designed for painting petals, leaves and stems. Try painting botanicals is fluid with the uniquely tapered tips.

 Fine detailing is simple with the precision tip, while the voluminous base allows for ample paint load and beautiful blending.  The brush is very easy to double or triple load.  For a different aesthetic, the brush head may also be "laid down," imprinting the contoured shape of the brush. Use the pointed part of the brush to paint stems of flowers without changing brushes.  Beautiful for creating stars & fairy crowns, the 9930 Oval Floral Petal brush is a favorite for face painting and body art.

Note: Comparable to Loew-Cornell 7930 Flora Series Brushes.

Length of the brush from tip to end: 19.9 cm (7.83")
Bristles' Width at the base: 1
cm (0.39")
Bristles' Length: 2.1 cm (0.83")

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