Iwata Eclipse HP-CS

Manufacturer: Iwata-Medea
SKU: ECL 4500

The Eclipse HP-CS is a hard working airbrush that delivers fine detail spray characteristics with high paint flow capacity. Owners of the Eclipse HP-BCR looking for greater detailing and control will appreciate the HP-CS for its ability to spray the thicker mediums: acrylics, Medea Textile Colors, nail polish and cosmetics. With so many fans from the modeling, hobby and custom auto communities is it no wonder that the Eclipse HP-CS has earned a reputation in the custom paint world for being the best all-in-one airbrush 

  • 0.35mm Needle and nozzle combination
  • 1/3 oz (9 ml) sized cup (designed for easy clean up)
  • Dual-Action Spray pattern from hairline to 2 in. (50 mm)
  • Single-Cut Handle
  • Adjustable Main Lever Tension
  • Drop-in, self-centering nozzle


Made in Japan

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