Hokey Pokey Brushes - Basic Set of 6

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Manufacturer: Hokey Pokey Inc.
Hokey Pokey Brushes, made for face painters, by face painters!

We worked very closely with a brush manufacture to combine all our favourite brush qualities into one line of great brushes! These were designed with face painters in mind, and come in all of your favourite sizes!

Hokey Pokey Brushes have:

- Acrylic handles, that will never ever peel!

- Non-staining black fibres, and stain resistant fibres on our flat brushes.

- Bright blue colour, so they stand out in your kit!

- Sharp points that'll hold their shape, to provide the perfect swirls and curls every time!

- Lightweight short handles, easy to store and easy to paint with!

This Basic Set of 6 includes:

Round brushes in sizes 1, 3, 4, and 6.

Flat brushes in sizes 3/4" and 1/2"

Existing reviews
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Brush hair comes off
Received this last week but one of my brushes was not in good condition. The hairs come off easily, even when I am painting and washing the brushes.
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Hokey Pokey brand brushes are EXCELLENT!
I love the acrylic handles, and the black Taklon hair (no staining!!!).
Round Brushes #3 & #4: Line Control with these brushes are wonderful.  I can go from the thicker lines to the thinnest line, and the paint really holds in a well-loaded brush.
Round Brush #6:  Same as above, with the bonus of creating a perfect petal for double-loaded flowers.
3/4 Flat Brush:  The brush can make very thin, wispy lines from the side, as well as wonderful for One Strokes.
1/2 Flat Brush:  Delicate baby roses are possible with this brush.
I will be buying more of these to share with my team... and I know they will love them like I love them.
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Great chisel
The hokey pokey brushes are a staple in my kit! I particularly like the 1/2" and 3/4" chisel for one strokes. The bristles always dry nicely and retain shape. Bonus: they resist staining! Hoping for angled brushes to join this line.  The smaller brushes are not my favorite, I prefer longer bristles but they hold up well.

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