Fusion Elodie's Pastel Delights Palette (25g)

Manufacturer: Fusion Body Art
Includes: soft pink, yellow, orange, mint green, light blue and lilac. There are 25 grams total of paint in the kit with approximately 4 grams per color.

Fusion Face Painting Palette – Elodie's Pastel Delights Palette

Designed By: Makeup Artist Elodie Ternois

Lodie Up Cute Pastel Delights Palette includes:  soft pink, yellow, orange, mint green, light blue and lilac

How to Apply & Remove

Fusion Body Art Face Paint is fast and easy to apply with a wet paint brush or sponge. Fusion Face Paints can be easily removed with soap and water loaded onto a soft cloth or sponge. Fusion Body Art Face paint colours contain only high-quality FDA and EU compliant skin safe pigments and ingredients that are gentle on the skin. Each colour has been carefully developed to give you the brightest and most opaque colors for your makeup designs. Fusion Body Art Face Paints dry quickly, and once dry have a smudge resistant finish. You can layer colours on top of each other once the base colour is dry, and you can blend Fusion Body Art Face Paints while they are still wet to make endless beautiful shades.

About our Ingredients

Fusion Face and Body Paints are made in China under the direction of the owners of Fusion Body Art, which is based in Australia. All FD&C and D&C pigments are manufactured in the USA, guaranteeing that only the safest pigments make it into Fusion Body Art. Fusion paints are paraben free and are not made from animal biproducts or tested on animals.Store Fusion Body Art Paints in a dry location away from extreme heat, humidity or cold. Use paint within 12 months from opening to ensure freshness.

✓  Vegan Friendly  ✓ Not Tested on Animals  ✓   Gluten Free  ✓  Perfume Free  ✓  Paraben Free

There are 25 grams total of paint in the kit with approximately 4 grams per color. 

The cute pink case is approximately 7.5" long, 2" wide, 10/16" deep

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