Fiesta Purple GLITTER (15ml)

Manufacturer: Amerikan Body Art
SKU: Fiest-Purp-15
Cosmetic grade glitter. Perfect for glitter tattoo's and face painting.
Fiesta Purple GLITTER (15ml)
An Amerikan Body Art exclusive glitter blend of Grape Soda, with pink and blue accents. This color is fine for cosmetic use, face painting, glitter tattoos, and for making glitter gel, but NOT for nail polish. Our Ultra-Fine glitters are .008 hex particle size.
Glitters can safely be used around the eyes and lips.
Hold the poof bottle 1-3 inches from the design/skin and gently squeeze. For best results apply the glitter on top of a face painting design while its still wet so the glitter will stick to the paint.

 Final SALE. Sorry, NO REFUND OR EXCHANGE, due to hygiene and quality reasons.

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