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DFX Small Palette 6 Colors Essential (6x6G) - FSM6RS

DFX Small Palette 6 Colors Essential (6x6G) - FSM6RS

DiamondFX contain 6 colours, 6 grams each and 1 brush
Manufacturer: Diamond FX

DFX Small Palette 6 Essential Colors 

DiamondFX Mini Palette contains 6 essential colors ( Black, White, Red, Dark Blue, Green,  Yellow) - 6 grams each and 1 Diamondfx brush (#3 Round Brush.) 

Diamond FX Palette:

  • Professional water-based make-up.
  • High concentration of pigment & vivid colors.
  • Can be painted over any color, even white on black, while still maintaining its brightness and density.
  • Easy to use – Fantastic for line work as well as sponging.
  • No perfume.
  • Manufactured according to the EEC and FDA regulations.


Use a small amount of water with your brush or sponge. This make-up is designed to go further with less water. Stipple colors evenly to achieve a smoother blend.

Expect 60-150 applications per palette.

 Please note that the label advises that the FDA states not to use this product around the eyes or lips