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DFX Small Palette 12 Colors Essential (12x6G) - FSM12RS

DFX Small Palette 12 Colors Essential (12x6G) - FSM12RS

DiamondFX contain 12 colours, 6 grams each. High quality water based makeup. (100-300 applications per palette)
Manufacturer: Diamond FX

DFX Small Essential 12 Color Palette

DiamondFX Mini Palette contains 12 essential colors ( Black, White, Brown, Orange, Red, Light blue, Dark blue, Light Green, Dark Green, Pink, Yellow, Violet) - 6 grams each and  2 Diamondfx brushes (#3 Round Brush & #2 Flat Brush). 

Diamond FX Palette:

  • Professional water-based make-up.
  • Perfect as a beginner face painting kit or small professional face painting kit
  • High concentration of pigment & vivid colors.
  • Can be painted over any color, even white on black, while still maintaining its brightness and density.
  • Easy to use – Fantastic for line work as well as sponging.
  • No perfume.
  • Manufactured according to the EEC and FDA regulations.
  • safe for kids skin face paint
  • Perfecr paletted for children's parties and school fundraiser face painting events


Use a small amount of water with your brush or sponge. This make-up is designed to go further with less water. Stipple colors evenly to achieve a smoother blend.

Expect 300-500 applications per palette.


 Please note that the label advises that the FDA restricts use of this product around the eyes or lips 

The perfect starter kit for the beginner painter!
This kit is great for your aspiring face painter! I was gifted one myself and it sparked my interest in face and body art.

Definitely recommended as a travel kit or as a gift! DFX is a great brand to start off with, it's my favourite!
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