Craft Kit: Dream Catcher - Pink

Manufacturer: Multicraft
SKU: CK220-I
Size:4 5/8"

Craft Kit: 'DIY' Dream Catcher

Help children learn more about Native American culture with these Dream Catcher Craft Kits. Each kit includes everything kids need to make their own dream catchers including metal ring, strings, plastic beads, feathers and instruction.

Legend of the Dream Catcher: The Dream Catcher sifts dreams of those sleeping nearby, catching bad dreams and allowing good dreams to pass through the center hole to be fulfilled by the sleeper's destiny.

Package Dimension: approximately 15cm (6'') x 17cm (6.75'').

Ring size (diameter): 12cm (4.75'')

Size when assembled (approximately): 12cm (4.75'') X 36cm (14'')

Colour - Pink

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