Color Factory: Touch & Mix Gradient Markers - Dark Shades (GP124C)

Manufacturer: Multicraft
Touch the tips together to mix the colors
Color Factory: Touch & Mix Gradient Markers Brush Tip 6pk Alcohol-Based - Dark Shades

Let your creativity flow with these Touch & Mix Gradient Markers. Colored markers have a soft brush tip, while the white, translucent marker has a firm tip to lighten any color. Use on paper and cardstock to create a variety of gradients and color blends. An essential for every artist!


Step1. Touch the tip of the markers together vertically for 15-20 seconds.

Step 2. Color on a variety of surfaces to see fading and ombre effect.

Not intend for coloring books due to bleeding

Includes: 5 colored brush tip markers and 1 white tranclucent firm tip marker


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