Cinema Secrets Zombie Rot (8.5g)

SKU: EW035
Zombie Rot undead flesh special FX

Cinema Secrets Zombie Rot (8.5g)

Diections: Empty Zombie Rot into a small cup. Add hot water and mix desired consistency. (An applesauce-like consistency is widely used for most effects.) Test that Zombie Rot is not too hot for skin. To create texture, as the Zombie Rot begins to dry, gently "roughen" up the surface by using wooden stick or a Black Stipple Sponge in an up-and-down "stippling" motion. To remove, rinse skin with warm soapy water.

Caution: Patch test a small amount of product on skin. If irritation occurs, discontinue use. Minors should only use products under adult supervision.

Ingredients: Gelatin, D & C Yellow #11, D & C Green #8

Weight 0.30 Oz (8.5g)

Made in the USA

For Ages 14+

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