Cinema Secrets Woochie Bald Cap - Dark Brown ( WO105DB )

Includes Professional-Quality Latex Dark Brown Bald Cap. One Size Fits Most Adults Spirit Gum And Remover (Not Included) Are Needed To Attach And Remove The Appliance.

This Bald Cap is a professional grade latex bald cap from Woochie. 

You will need an extra pair of hands to blend and help apply, especially if you have hair underneath. Woochie latex bald caps includes extensive instructions for the best fit and application, directions for blending with latex, and tips on treating the cap to accept makeup and correct application of color. One size fits most. Application will require a few more things, but not limited (sold separately): Spirit gum, liquid latex, castor seal, colourless powder, cream makeup, powder Puff, latex sponge, stipple sponge, and adhesive remover.

Please READ the INSTRUCTION GUIDE located inside the package carefully before begining application. 

Remove carefully and clean with soap and water for reusability.

Warning: Do not use this product if you are alergic to latex. If you have never used spirit gum (sold separetly), perform a small patch test. If irritation occurs, discontinue use immediately. 

For age 14+


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