BOLT | Face Painting Brush by Jest Paint - RAVEN Collection Round #3

The Raven collection is hand crafted in China by professional brush makers. We have tested these brushes for over 3 months to get the perfect brush, and we inspect each brush that goes out to make sure you receive the quality product you expect. 

What materials are used in this Bolt brush?

These brushes are made of wooden handles and synthetic sable bristles.

What are the dimensions of the Raven Collection Round #3?

Brush Length: 7 1/4 inch
Bristle Length: 1/2 inch
Bristle Base Diameter:  Slightly larger than 1/16 inches

How to use this round Raven #3 Brush?

Get your brush wet, wipe the end of it against the edge of your water container, rub against your dry cake until you create a creamy consistency and then paint on the face/body.

What is this BOLT brush best for?

Want the best black line work possible? The NEW RAVEN Collection of Bolt Brushes was designed with the professional face painter in mind. These new Bolt brushes have a specific combination of bristles length and width that will give face painters perfect looking line work every time. These brushes have firm but flexible bristles that go with the flow.

Raven brushes were designed by Anna and Santi from Jest Paint following the needs and likes that face painters have expressed over the years to have a black handled brush with black bristles that they can identify quickly to use just for their black linework.

Having brushes just for black face paint helps keep your colors looking bright and bold because if you don't get every bit of black out of your brush when rinsing and you go to load into a light color, it will muddy that color. The same goes when loading up your brush with Black face paint when the brush may have white build up in the bristles. This Bolt #3 face painting brush is ideal for making small/thin swirls and thick enough to do decent sized tear drops as well as highly detailed line work depending on the pressure that you put on the bristles.
If you don't like your white or golden bristles staining, black bristles can be a good option for you as well, as they don't show any stains.

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