Billy Bob Skeleton Teeth

Manufacturer: Billy Bob
SKU: BB10120
Billy Bob Skeleton Teeth with fitting beads

Billy Bob Skeleton Teeth

Wearing these babies will guarantee yer spot in the "Sufficiently Dead" costume category. Each set comes with instructions and impression material. This item is a fancy dress accessory for adults. This is not a toy. Warning. Keep away from fire.Smiffys Billy Bob Costume Skeleton Teeth Custom fitting teeth Each set comes with instructions .

1- Empty the packet of fitting plastic (included) into a cup of very hot water.
2- Once the fitting plastic turns clear, remove with a spoon.
3- Form the clear fitting into a worm shape with your fingers.
4- Press the fitting plastic into the "troft" of the teeth and squeeze some of the plastic through the 3 holes.
5- In front of the mirror, uso both hands and force the prosthesis over your teeth. Use your thumbs to tuck the excessive fitting plastic behind your teeth.
6- Gently ease the Billy-Bob Teeth prosthesis out of your mouth with a downward motion. Allow fitting plastic to cool (10 min.). When it turns white again, it is ready to use.

Important: DO NOT leave the Billy-Bob Teeth prostheses in your mouth for more than 2 min. during the fitting process.

Do not use over braces or caps.

Made in USA

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