Billy Bob Bling-Bling Gold Teeth

Manufacturer: Billy Bob
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Finish off your costume character with this awesome set of false 'teeth'. This set features a line of neat top teeth with one tooth covered in 'gold'.

Bling-Bling Gold Teeth 

Our standard veneers with a single gold tooth in the front makes up our Bling Bling Gold Teeth! these custom fit over your own teeth with our special fitting material.  Each set of teeth comes with one set of thermal beads which through a simple once only process creates a permanent custom fit allowing you to wear your Billy-Bobs time and time again. Each set comes with fitting instructions. Billy Bob teeth are used frequently in movies and TV productions.

Fitting Instructions

*Tips: Before you heat up the plastic fitting beads, warm the Billy Bob teeth themselves in hot (almost boiling) water for 1 minute.  This will make teeth more pliable and ready to custom fit. Shape the Billy Bob teeth shell around your upper teeth. This way the Billy Bob teeth will match the curvature of your mouth.

  1. Empty the packet of fitting plastic (white beads) into a cup of very hot water. If the water is hot, the fitting plastic will turn clear (ready to use) in 30 seconds.
  2. Once the fitting plastic turns clear, remove it with a spoon.
  3. Form the clear plastic into a "clear worm" shape with your fingers.
  4. Press the "clear worm" fitting plastic into the "troft" of the teeth, located on the back side.  Squeeze some amount of the plastic through the holes.
  5. In front of a mirror, use both hands and force the Billy Bob Teeth over your existing teeth. Use your thumbs to "tuck" the excess fitting plastic behind your teeth. 
  6. Gently ease the Billy Bob teeth out of your mouth after 30 seconds with a downward motion. Do Not leave the Billy Bob Teeth in your mouth for more than 2 minutes during the fitting process! Do not let the fitting plastic cool around your teeth! If you do it will take hot water or a dentist to get them out!
  7. Place Billy Bob Teeth in a glass of cold water to cool fitting plastic (10 minutes). The impression material will become opaque again once it has fully hardened.

* Warning: Do not allow the fitting material to harden around your real teeth. It is important to take the teeth out of your mouth while fitting material is still a little soft.

  1. If you are unhappy with the fit, you can simply remold as many times as you want.

Tips For the Perfect Fit

Try not to form the extra fitting plastic on the roof of your mouth.  Keep the fitting plastic just behind your teeth.  Every minute or two, ease the Billy Bob teeth slightly down then back up into place.  It takes about five minutes for the fitting plastic to fully harden.  To keep the impression from being too tight around your teeth, you may need to ease the teeth in and out several times during the cooling process.

How Do They Work?

All our Billy Bob Teeth are specially made to custom fit to your own teeth. We provide a unique fitting material that makes these goofy teeth fit over your own teeth perfectly without using any glue or adhesives! Simply heat the material in hot water and place it on the back of the Billy Bob Teeth. Gently bite down allowing the material to cool and form a perfect impression of your own teeth! Now you can pop them in and out whenever you want.

Are They Re-Usable?

Absolutely! Once your custom Billy Bob Teeth are fitted you can use them over and over for years to come! If the fit ever becomes loose you can reheat the material and refit them at anytime

  • Made of Denture Acrylic 
    • One Package of Thermal Fitting Beads Included - Easily Moldable
    • Removable and Reusable
    • Not Recommended for Use by Children under 14 Years of Age
    • Not for Use over Braces or Dentures
    • Do Not Eat or Sleep While Using Product
    • Full Sized and Wearable - Will Fit Most Adults

Do not fit over braces or caps. Instruction is included.

Fitting Material Ingredient: Polycaprolactone.

No Warranty for breakage or misuse.

Made in Taiwan

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