Ben Nye Velour Powder Puff - 1 Sponge

Manufacturer: Ben Nye

Ben Nye Velour  Powder Puff  

Ben Nye luxurious, double-sided,  soft velour puff is professional quality and generously sized to complete most powdering tasks. Capable of holding a significant amount of powder and able to set much larger areas of make-up in a single powder application.

Directions in loading the puff: Sprinkle powder onto center of puff. Fold in half (with powder on inside) and rub sides together to dispense powder evenly. Powder will be "absorbed" into center of puff.

Complement base shades with translucent powders such as Fair (light beige to olive tones). or Topaz, Sienna or Ebony (for brown tones). For bright or dark colors, use Neutral Set (colorless) Powder. 

Fold puff in half, powder side out. Lightly press puff onto creme makeup to set. Lightly tap puff against palm of hand to release more powder as needed. Use sufficient powder to set makeup and eliminate shine.

Powder each layer or section before applying adjacent colors to avoid smudging or unintended blending of colors. Once entire makeup is completed and powdered, use reverse side of puff or brush to remove excess powder. To revive bright colors, blot surface of powdered makeup with a water- moistened sponge.

Clean up: Wash puff with soap and warm water. Rinse throughly. Gently squeeze to remove excess water. Reshape puff and allow to air dry throughly before storing.

No Animal Testing!


Made in U.S.A.

Size: 9 cm/ 3.75''

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