Beauty So Clean WipeOut Brush Cleaner 250ML

Manufacturer: Beauty So Clean
Cosmetic Sanitizer mist. Removes bacteria and germs.

Life can be a … err … beach! But cleaning your brushes doesn’t have to be. Or now it can be! With BeautySoClean’s new WIPEOUT BRUSH CLEANER cleaning your brushes is smooth sailing! A riptide of our professional stength antibacterial formula literally wipes out the residue and bacteria that lives on your brushes, leaving behind nothing but a clean and soothing scent. Our special ingredient Sea Salt is an eco-friendly and natual stain remover and our new formula is tough on bacteria but gentle on the brushes and your clients’ skin. So let your brush cleaner do all the work and take a beach vacation!

  • Professional Brush Cleaner
  • Eco-friendly and made with natural oils
  • Specially formulated with sea salt, a natural stain remover
  • Gentle on skin and dries fast
  • Paraben free and Cruelty free

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