Art Factory Empty Brush Holder / Wallet / Carrying Case (Purple)

Manufacturer: Art Factory
SKU: 101-P
Double Row Brush Wallet with Zipper

We are so excited to bring to you this new brush easel!

It's been hard work in the making, but we made sure to make it just right for the artist on the go.

Our easel:

  • Holds up to 50 brushes or pencils, 25 on each tier. * Brushes are not included.

  • You can double up smaller handled brushes in each pocket if you want to, so that you can take along a lot more that 50 brushes.
  • Made from durable nylon material that cleans well with dish soap and water
    (you may need a bit of scrubbing action to remove paint that has been caked on for a long time.)

  • Folds flat to serve as a convenient carrying case and zips shut to ensure that nothing falls out between uses.

  • Stands upright for ease of use and accessibility with an adjustable drawstring cord

  • Contains a hardboard interior with foam padding that protects brushes and tools from damage during transport

  • Stitched elastic banding holds brushes and tools securely in place.


Dimensions: Folds into an 8" x 17.25" x 1" inch protective case with a zipper

Overall Dimensions - 16" x 9" inches when standing as an easel

* Brushes are not included.

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