Amerikan Body Art Liquid Bling - Royal Blue (0.5 oz)

Manufacturer: Amerikan Body Art
SKU: RoyalBlueLB
Liquid Bling is made from an aloe gel base and cosmetic glitter.

Amerikan Body Art Liquid Bling - Royal Blue Glitter Gel (0.5 oz)

Amerikan Body Art Royal Blue Liquid Bling is a perfect glitter gel for adding accents to your face or body painting designs. It great for painted on body jewelry or faux henna designs. Dots of Liquid Bling look just like little crystals! Liquid Bling glitter gel is made from cosmetic glitter and an aloe gel without any drying agents. Therefore the glitter gel dries a little slower than other glitter gel products, but it also doesn't clog up ( it dries approximately 15-20 minutes to dry completely)

Once the gel dries Glitter Liquid Bling generally stays put but can easily be washed off with water at the end of the day. 

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