Alcone Stop the Sweat (8oz)

Manufacturer: Alcone Company
SKU: stop-the-sweat-8oz
Stop The Sweat is one of our best sellers, especially among actors and performers, and those who want to stay shine-free for special events.

Alcone Stop the Sweat (8oz)

Alcone’s Stop The Sweat is topical clear liquid that acts like an antiperspirant for the face and helps keep the skin shine free. Stop The Sweat is great for stage, film, and even bridal makeups. This product is intended for professional use only.

To Use: Apply just like a toner (before moisturizer and foundation) by dampening a cotton pad and applying to problem areas such as forehead, temples, and hairline. Allow it to dry completely, then proceed with makeup application.

Ingredients: Water, Witch Hazel, Aluminum Chlorohydrate

MSDS: Safe on skin. Inhalation: Mild odor Eyes: May cause temporary discomfort. Flush eye with water if needed. Oral: Do not ingest. Moderaly toxic. May cause abdominal discomfort. If ingested seek medical attention. non flammable

Made in USA.

Size: 8oz (236ml)

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