Alcone Company - Crepe Hair - Dark Red 15 (One Foot)

Manufacturer: Alcone Company
SKU: ACCH-Dark-Red

Alcone Company - Crepe Hair 

Crepe Hair is used to create beards, mustaches, or sideburns on performers. Alcone's crepe hair is dyed wool which comes in a braid. Crepe hair may be applied with spirit gum or liquid latex depending upon what character the artist is trying to create. Hair white or liquid makeup can be used to create a particular color.

How to use this product:

Choosing crepe hair or mix a few colours together to create a more realistic look. Unwind the brade. Straighten the hair if needed by ironing between pieces of wet fabric or soak in water and dry over night. Cut the length needed. Do any makeup before you begin working with crepe. Crepe Hair can be glued directly to the skin with Spirit Gum, ProsAid or Latex. For realistic beard, apply in layers. Allow the adhesive a few minutes to dry. Once the crepe is attached trim it to the desired length. To comb out, use a wide tooth comb or pick.  To remove soak a cotton ball in Spirit Gum Remover or Bond Off! and begin to soften the glue and pull the crepe away.

Dimensions: 1 foot / 12" / 30cm

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